Avoiding Portland Real Estate Regret

Posted by Ines Mccanna // April 1, 2016

Portland Real Estate Regret

The Portland real estate market is constantly changing, leaving much room for buyers and sellers to make many mistakes. While having a great agent certainly helps mitigate the amount of potential stress involved in buying or selling a home, it doesn’t make you immune. By keeping the following tips in mind, you’ll be able to […]

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How to Negotiate Your Way to a Better Living Situation

Posted by Ines Mccanna // March 1, 2016


If you are a Portland renter or buyer, it’s hard to feel as though you’ll ever have the upper hand. The truth is you have plenty of power; it’s just a matter of figuring out how to use it. Read up on the following tips to learn how to negotiate like the best of them […]

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Four Points to Pricing Your Portland Home

Posted by Ines Mccanna // February 1, 2016

pricing your portland home

When you decide to sell your Portland home, you want to choose a price that is competitive, brings a large payoff and doesn’t leave you regretting the sale. However, arriving at the right price can be a tricky part of the process. Below are four keys to pricing your Portland home that will help you […]

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Inspecting A For-Sale Portland Home

Posted by Ines Mccanna // January 4, 2016

For-Sale Portland Home

AIM Investment Solutions’ Tips for Inspecting A For-Sale Portland Home

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How Portland Homeowners can Restart their Savings

Posted by Ines Mccanna // November 30, 2015


Just like restarting a dieting plan after you have reached your goal weight, restarting your savings plan after utilizing your down payment can be very difficult. You have worked so hard to save and to then see your account dwindle can be a little discouraging (to say the least!). Here are four ways that you […]

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Big Tips for First-time Home Sellers

Posted by Ines Mccanna // November 2, 2015

first-time home sellers

As the housing market continues to improve, more and more first-time buyers are looking for homes. This is a very good sign for first-time home sellers who will most likely have the types of homes these buyers are looking for. If you are one of these first-time home sellers, follow the seven tips below to […]

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Getting the Best of Both Worlds: Good School and Good Neighborhood

Posted by Ines Mccanna // October 5, 2015

good school

You want your kids to attend the best school. However, you don’t want to have to scrape by for the next thirty years to pay on a home you can’t afford just to ensure their education. Don’t worry – you do have options! Here are a few tips to help you find both good school […]

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7 Costs that Decrease Your Net Profit

Posted by Ines Mccanna // August 31, 2015

net profit

You may finalize the sale of your home a few days or a week from now, but you probably do not want to wait until then to know what your net profit will be. This is especially true if you have your eye on a new home and you are eager to get finalized on […]

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How to Rent Out Your Home for Extra Cash

Posted by Ines Mccanna // July 27, 2015

rent for extra cash

Have you decided to wait to sell your house till a later time because you’re not getting the offers right now that you’re looking for? Did you just buy a house that has more space than you need plus a cozy guest house? Renting is a great idea, and you are sure to put that […]

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Is a Tiny Home for You?

Posted by Ines Mccanna // July 20, 2015

tiny home

“Bigger is better” is the motto that was most associated with real estate years ago. You bought what you could afford, whether you need the extra rooms, or not. Today, tiny homes are trendy. Whether you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, decrease utility bills, or just want to live a simpler lifestyle then […]

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